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Using System Restore

Note: This topic applies to the Leeds Release.

A restore point is a representation of the Smoothwall's system files at a point in time. System Restore allows your Smoothwall to be rolled back to a restore point in case of problems.

The System Restore page lists the restore points currently available, if present:

Two types of restore points are available to you:

About the User Restore Point

User restore points are those that are manually created.

Only one user restore point exists. Every time a new user restore point is created, the previous one is overwritten.

About the System Restore Point

These are restore points automatically created by the Smoothwall before an update to the software is made — see Updating the Smoothwall. Should a problem arise with the update you are trying to install, you can roll back to the previous software installation.

Like the user restore point, only one system restore point exists. An entry is made to the System log (see Viewing System Logs) when the system restore point is created.