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Configuring Report and Alert Output Settings

Note: This topic applies to the Leeds Release.

Reports and alerts are distributed according to the Smoothwall’s output settings. In order to send reports and alerts, the Smoothwall must be configured to operate with mail servers and email-to-SMS gateway systems.

The Smoothwall generates SMS alerts by sending emails to a designated email-to-SMS gateway. When an email-to-SMS gateway receives an email, it extracts the information it needs and composes an SMS message which is then sent.

A wide variety of different email-to-SMS gateway services are available. However, each has its own definition of the format that an email should arrive in. While there are a few conventions, typically the destination SMS number is placed in the email's subject line. It is necessary to configure the Smoothwall so that it can format email messages in the format specified by your email-to-SMS gateway service provider.