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Upgrading to Guardian

Note: This topic applies to the Leeds Release.

Note: The upgrade process cannot be rolled back automatically. We recommend that you have an up-to-date archive of your settings before you start in case you wish to revert to an earlier version. For a detailed description of how to take an archive, see Managing Archives.

Upgrading to Guardian:

1. From a web browser, log on to your Smoothwall.
2. Go to System > Maintenance > Modules.
3. Click Refresh module list.
4. In the Available modules panel, locate Guardian3 and click Install.

Your Smoothwall installs the latest version and migrates your current settings. The next step is to reboot.

5. Go to System > Maintenance > Shutdown, select Immediately and click Reboot.

Once your Smoothwall has rebooted and you have logged on, you can review the changes.

6. Click Close to close the window and access Guardian.