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Viewing Filter Policies

Note: This topic applies to the Leeds Release.

You can view those web filter policies configured on the Smoothwall on the User Portal.

Guardian checks for a matching web filter policy using a top-down approach. Once a match is found, no further checks are made.

To do this, do the following:

1. Log in to the user portal — see Accessing the User Portal.

Who — The users and groups to whom the policy applies.
What — The filter lists (see Customizing Filter Lists) , and filter list groups (see Editing Filter List Groups) for that policy.
Where — The location of the network where the policy applies.
When — The times of day when the policy applies.
Action — The action to use for this policy.
Enabled — Whether this policy is currently enforced.

Note: For Multi-Tenant licensed systems, only those policies applicable to the logged in tenant are shown. Global policies, including those owned by the central administrator, are not available for viewing.