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Creating Anti-Malware Policies

Note: This topic applies to the Leeds Release.

Anti-malware policies provide protection against many malware threats, including viruses, worms, spyware and trojans by scanning content passing through Guardian.

Note: Anti-malware scanning is not enabled by default. You must enable anti-malware scanning in order to apply any anti-malware policies you have created and enabled. For more information, see Configuring Anti-Malware Protection.

To create an anti-malware policy:

1. Go to the Guardian > Anti-malware > Policy wizard page.

2. Step 1: Who — From the Available users or groups list, select to whom the policy will apply.

Tip: Enter a name or part of a name and Guardian will search for names of users and groups that match. To select more than one user or group, hold the CTRL button down while selecting them.

Click Add and, when you have added all the users and groups, click Next to continue.

3. Step 2: What — From the Available categories or category groups list, select what is to be scanned.

Tip: Enter the name or part of the name and Guardian will search for content that matches.

4. Step 3: Where — From the list of locations, select where the policy will apply.

Tip: Enter the name or part of the name and Guardian will search for locations that match.

Click Add and when you have added the location(s), click Next to continue.

5. Step 4: Action — Select one of the following options:
Create policy folder — Select this action when configuring Guardian at a central installation where you need to create policy folders for multiple locations or groups.
Scan — Select this action to scan the content specified for malware.
Do not scan — Select this action to allow the user to access the content without scanning it for malware.
6. Select Enable policy to enable the policy and click Confirm.
7. Guardian displays the settings you have selected. Review them and click Save to create the policy. Guardian creates the policy and makes it available on the Guardian > Anti-malware > Manage policies page.

Note: Each step must be completed in order to create the policy. If you skip a step, Guardian creates a policy folder in which you can store policies. For more information about policy folders, see Working with Policy Folders .