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Rebooting and Shutting Down

Note: This topic applies to the Leeds Release.

You can choose to reboot or shut down the Smoothwall either immediately, after a time delay, or at a predetermined time.

1. Go to System > Maintenance > Shutdown.

2. Choose the type of reboot or shutdown:
immediately — Reboot or shut down the Smoothwall now.
delay action for — From the drop-down list, choose the length of time to delay the reboot or shutdown. Valid options are given in five minute increments, from five minutes to one hour.
at the following time — From the drop-down lists, choose the time, in 24-hour format, to perform the reboot or shutdown.
3. Click Reboot or Shutdown.

The browser displays the Smoothwall logo whilst the system is rebooting or shutting down. Smoothwall. If a reboot is occurring, this page refreshes to the login prompt once the reboot has completed. If a shutdown is occurring, the page remains until you manually close your browser window.