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Configuring Email Footers

Note: This topic applies to the Inverness Release.

You can add footers, such as standard email disclaimers, to email passing through Anti-Spam.

To add email footers, do the following:

1. Go to Email > Content > Footers.

2. From the Global footer settings panel, choose whether the footer should:
Append to HTML emails
Append to signed emails — The footer is appended to signed emails in a way which maintains the fingerprint
Both — Select both options above
3. Enter the footer text in the Append the following text to outgoing email text box in the Per-domain footers panel.
4. Optionally, you can use a different footer for emails originating from specific internal domains. Emails from domains not specified use the Default footer text. To specify different text for domains configure the following in the Per-domain footers panel:
Internal domain — From the drop-down list, select the domain and click Select.
Append the following text to outgoing email — Enter the text for that specific domain and click Save.
5. Click Save.