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About Bandwidth Shaping

Note: This topic applies to the Inverness Release.

Bandwidth shaping is a licenced feature of your Smoothwall. Bandwidth allows you to shape the traffic throughput of specified external or bridged interfaces. It provides you with the ability to create multi-tiered, application-aware, bandwidth shaping policies.

Bandwidth provides the following features:

The ability to create classes of service that guarantee bandwidth allocation to a specific IP address, or groups of IP addresses
The ability to create classes of service that restrict available bandwidth for a specific IP address, or groups or IP addresses
The ability to create classes of service that offer a “best efforts” bandwidth allocation
The ability to guarantee a minimum bandwidth allocation available for specific applications
The ability to restrict specific applications to a maximum bandwidth allocation
The ability to equally reduce the quality of service within a class of service group

Note: Traffic to and from the Smoothwall’s administration user interface, user portal, and SSH traffic to the Smoothwall, is not limited, as an error in configuration may prevent access.

However, the following limitations apply:

Only traffic using external, or bridged ports can be shaped.
Bandwidth does not block applications from accessing the internet. For a detailed description of how to block applications, see Managing Block Pages .
Traffic that is redirected through Guardian is not classified as originating from the client, but from your Smoothwall instead.

Note: Traffic shaping configured in the Guardian add-on module may overlap with configuration in Bandwidth. In such cases, both configuration rules are applied, however, the smallest limit always overrides the latter. For example, if Guardian has a policy to limit “news” traffic to two megabits per second, but Bandwidth limits all HTTP traffic to only one megabit per second, only the Bandwidth limit is applied.