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Installing Connect Filter for Windows

Note: The following instructions are for Connect Filter for Windows version 2.0. This is provided for backwards compatibility. Go to Installing Connect Filter for Windows for the latest version of Connect Filter for Windows client.

To install Connect Filter:

Note: You must install Connect Filter using an account which has administrative privileges. These privileges should not be provided to the users of the Windows device.

1. Go to
2. Enter your Connect Filter serial number.
3. Click Go.
4. Follow the instructions on the screen to download the Connect Filter installation program to your Windows device.

Alternatively, download the installation program to a removable storage device and use that to copy the program to each Windows device.

5. Double-click on the supplied .exe file and select Install. The setup wizard starts.
6. You may be prompted to install additional software — Visual C++ and .NET Framework. Confirm both installations.
7. When prompted, either accept the default installation folder or specify a new one.
8. Click Install to continue.

When the Connect Filter files are in place, the Initial Configuration dialog box appears.

9. Enter the following information:
Smoothwall server host — The external IP address of your Smoothwall
Smoothwall Connect client key — The full path to the Connect Filter client key. For more information, see Adding MobileProxy Servers.
10. Click Save settings.
11. Click Next. The setup wizard applies the settings.
12. Click Finish to close the wizard.

You are prompted for authentication details.

13. Log in using your Smoothwall credentials. For more information, see Accessing the Smoothwall