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Application Bandwidth Statistics

The Application Bandwidth Statistics report provides details of the bandwidth used by application groups, including:

Measurements of the incoming and outgoing bandwidth.
Measurements of the bandwidth used by individual IP addresses.
Measurements of the bandwidth used by individual applications.
Measurements of bandwidth across external interfaces, or bridges, or both.
Drill down through the report from application bandwidth into IP address bandwidth, and vica versa.
Application classification into groups, and bandwidth measurements of these groups. The following knowledge base article contains a detailed description of the currently available application groups — How does Smoothwall Classify Layer 7 Applications?

Note: A Layer 7 license (deep packet inspection) is required to run this report fully. Without this, limited information is available. For more information, contact your Smoothwall representative.

To run the report for a specific traffic direction and interface, click the Advanced >> button and choose the traffic direction from the Data flow direction to highlight drop down list, and interface from the Interface drop down list. Enter the required date range and click Run report.

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