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Using Non-Transparent Connections

Note: This topic applies to the Glamis Release.

Non-transparent connections from users’ web browsers to Guardian are suitable when content is accessed using HTTPS or when using NTLM or proxy authentication or identification in terminal services compatibility mode.

Connecting to Guardian non-transparently entails configuring users’ web browsers to use Guardian as the web proxy using one of the following methods:

Manually – Web browser LAN settings are manually configured, see Creating a Non-transparent Connection Manually for more information
Automatic configuration script – Web browser LAN settings are configured to receive proxy configuration settings from an automatic configuration script which is generated by Guardian, see Configuring Non-transparent Connections Using a PAC Script for more information
WPAD automatic script – Web browser LAN settings are configured to detect proxy settings, see Configuring a Non-transparent Connection Using a WPAD Automatic Script for more information.