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Installing a Connect Filter (Mac OS) Client

Note: This topic applies to the Glamis Release.

Note: You must use an account with administrator privileges to install a Connect Filter client.

To install a Connect Filter client, do the following:

1. Make the client key (see Generating Client Keys) and the Connect Filter client software package (MobileProxy.pkg) accessible to the Mac OS device on a secure server or by downloading them to the device.
2. On the device, open the Connect Filter client package (MobileProxy.pkg).
3. Click Continue until you are prompted to for the license agreement.
4. Click Agree for the license information.

5. Configure the following parameters:
Smoothwall Server Host — The IP address or hostname of the Smoothwall which generated the client key.
MobileProxy Client Key — Click Choose and browse to the location of the client key.

The Connect Filter client downloads the client key.

Confirm your changes and click Continue.

6. Highlight Install for all users of this computer and click Continue.
7. Change the installation location if required, then click Install to start the installation process.
8. Enter the master or administrator’s username and password for the Mac OS device when prompted.
9. Click Continue Installation.
10. You will be prompted to restart the device when the installation has finished.
11. After restarting, you will be prompted to log in again with the master or administrator credentials.

The Connect Filter client will attempt to connect to the designated Smoothwall to download the proxy and proxy exception details.

Tip: If there is a problem accessing your Smoothwall, go to
System > Administration > External access and ensure that external access for the Connect Filter server service has been enabled.