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Using Source NATs and LLB Policies

Note: This topic applies to the Edinburgh Release.

You can configure how traffic is routed out of the Smoothwall System, including:

Whether it is hidden behind an IP address that the Smoothwall System owns (see Allocating IP Addresses to Interfaces ). This is source Network Address Translation (NAT).
Which external interface it uses.

Source NAT-ing is needed when accessing the Internet. It can either by done by the Smoothwall System, or by another device between the Smoothwall System and the Internet such as the gateway, or both. Typically, source NAT-ing is carried out by the gateway.

You can also specify the gateway device to direct traffic to, or a link load balancing (LLB) pool of external connections to use, including a default LLB pool to use. For a detailed description of load balancing external connections, see Load Balancing Traffic .