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Testing Functionality

Note: This topic applies to the Edinburgh Release.

You can test the Smoothwall System’s connectivity and networking configuration. Available test types are:

Note: By default, all testing options are selected to be included. However, the test options available are dependent on the configuration of your Smoothwall System.

Guardian tests — Tests basic Guardian functionality (a Guardian license is required)
Basic Connectivity — Tests the Smoothwall System's connection to the Internet
Central management tests — Tests the authentication login information shares
Networking Configuration — Tests the validity of the network configuration
BYOD — Analyzes any BYOD entries in the system logs for errors
Authentication — Tests the connections to the configured directory services
VPN Connectivity — If an L2TP roadwarrior connection is configured (a Unified Threat Management serial is required), this tests the DNS and WINS connections
VPN Certificates — If certificates are used to authenticate VPN users (a Unified Threat Management serial is required), this tests their validity